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Evan Sullivan

User Experience Designer

Evan Sullivan

I enjoy helping to make life better for others by building useful, pleasant, and easy-to-use software.

My work to date helps people conveniently interact with their car, be informed about the risk of sun exposure, get tech help, and even enjoy some absurd fun.

Learn more about my past work with the selected projects below.

Sun Risk


Sun Risk is an app for iOS and Apple Watch which uses dynamic color and typography to inform users of their risk of skin damage from the sun.

I designed and implemented the iOS and Apple Watch apps using Swift and Xcode. I also built the marketing website.

Sun Risk screenshots show a UV forecast for Los Angeles and Chicago

Honda R&D


The focus of my work at Honda R&D was prototyping in-vehicle interfaces that make sense in the context of autonomous driving.
I wish I could show the projects I worked on here, but given the nature of R&D, it's all got to be kept under wraps!

My work here primarily involved integrating findings from academic research into functional interface prototypes.

top secret icon

UCLA IT Help Site


The UCLA Service-Now website allows users to submit IT help requests with a quick and intuitive menu system.

I designed the new front-page, and pitched it to management.
I also implemented the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front page.

screenshot of UCLA IT Services home page
screenshots of quick press A welcome and end of round screens
Godiva web banner ads and custom logo designed for EnLux



My photography which focuses on capturing interesting patterns and textures from everyday objects and environments in my daily life.

My personal Instagram for my hobby photography.

one of my photographs, which is of a building's skylight

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